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About us

Alliance is a Mexican company founded in 2002, with 15 years of experience in Fire Risk Analysis, development of Engineering, Installation, Evaluation and Maintenance in Security and Fire Protection systems.

Thanks to over 2,000 years of joint EXPERIENCE shared by more than 200 people at Alliance,

  • Thanks to over 15 million square meters protected by fire protection and security systems,
  • Training the best team, 200 certified professionals.
  • The greatest national coverage with 6 offices in Mexico and 2 in Texas.
  • Distribution of the best recognized brands on the market.
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Quality, safety and environment policy

"At Alliance our commitment is to get it right first time, every time, because we have a huge responsibility to protect lives and property against fire and theft. And we achieve sustainability by fulfilling customer expectations through safe working, respect for the environment, innovation and continuous improvement."


To protect life and property against fire and theft with reliable, competitive and cutting-edge solutions, guided by our values, experience and professionalism.


To be the best company in the Americas for fire protection and security systems.

The "Alliance" name and reputation is the most valuable thing we own and symbolizes what we believe in. solid, lasting partnerships.

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success.

Nothing is more important than our people, customers and suppliers; with respect, empathy and loyalty we will achieve our goals.

Always striving to be the best in a coordinated, professional manner.

We are committed, responsible and reliable because we protect lives and property, and failure is not an option.

At Alliance, the ethics governing the company must always:

  • Ensure that the safety and health of our people is the highest priority.
  • Seek excellence.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Work as though for yourself.
  • Ensure proper treatment of our employees.
  • Ensure proper treatment of our suppliers.


Automatic sprinkler system

  • Robot controlled prefabricated pipe for greater speed in its installations.
  • Standard pipe with international approvals.

Hydrant and monitor systems

  • Inside hydrants.
  • Outside hydrants
  • Fire brigade connections.
  • Cannons for special applications.

Underground pipe networks

  • Excavation and installation works.

Pumpsets and water storage tanks

  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • Inspection of internal condition of tanks.
  • Operational tests.

Special hazard systems

  • Deluge.
  • Foam.

Water mist systems

  • Low and medium pressure systems.
  • High pressure systems (Hi Fog).

CO2 extinguishing systems

  • Total flooding systems.
  • Local application systems.
  • High and low pressure.

Suppression in hoods of industrial kitchens

  • Combustible gas detection
  • Mechanical / electric valve closures.
  • Suppressants.

Inert gas extinguishing systems

  • FM200.
  • NOVEC 1230.
  • ECARO 25.
  • HFC-127ea.
  • Inergen.
  • Argonite.
  • Compartment integrity testing

Fire detection and alarm systems

  • Advanced smoke detection.
  • Hybrid wireless detection (complies with NEC 70).
  • Linear heat detection.
  • Air aspirating smoke detection (VESDA).
  • Detection of gases and explosive mixtures.
  • Flame and spark detection.

Explosion protection system

  • Explosion venting with and without flame.
  • Chemical isolation of explosion.
  • Temperature control in silos.

Emergency communications and bulk notification system

  • Digital Voice Systems
  • Auxiliary systems for bulk notification of seismic alarms
  • Public Address / Voice Annunciation (PA / VA)

Closed Circuit TV

  • Cameras.
  • Recorders.
  • Video management.

Access control and anti-intrusion

  • Specific robust solutions for Hospitals, Hotels, Education, Commercial applications.

Energy saving systems and BMS.

  • System integration.
  • Energy saving.
  • Energy control.
  • HVAC, lighting, fire safety and access control interfaces

Protection of industrial vehicles

  • Fixed suppression equipment in the unit.
  • Refurbishing of equipment.



At Alliance Fire we are committed to quality, with certifications including:

  • ISO 9001 International Quality Certification of all our processes.
  • Supplier consistency LAPEM as per CFE.
  • The highest International NICET level III and IV certification in Sprinklers, Alarms and Special Risks licensed from the TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE.
  • CETRACI certification at the national level. Endorsed by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP)
  • OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Safety and Environment certification pending.





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To report a matter related to a breach of integrity such as incidents or acts of corruption, violations of the code of conduct, damage to the company's image and acts that violate the transparency of the company in general, write to us or contact 01 800 506 20 56. To find out more about our products and services, write to us at